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Status updates

Now pages, status.cafe, etc. all exist as alternative means of broadcasting whatever it is you're doing to the entire internet. I don't care if people use them, but I fail to see the point of all this!

It's not that I don't share stuff about my life and what is happening in it on the internet (else I wouldn't have this blog). But I've grown to dislike short-form content, and the immediacy of status updates puts me off. Who needs to know what I'm doing right now? What's the point of posting one-sentence updates of every thought that enters my head? Who even cares about any of that???? This has baffled me since the days of IM programs that had a space for you to enter a status into.

If I do or think about something interesting, I'll write about it. But most of the things I do suck and most of the thoughts I have suck, so I'd prefer they just die after they leave my working memory.


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