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On shimmer fountain pen ink

I love glitter as much as (or maybe more than) the next guy, but the one place I really don't care for it is in fountain pen ink. It looks cool, but it's way too high-maintenance and hard to clean to be practical (and I primarily value practicality when it comes to writing implements I use every day).

There are a lot of amazing shimmer inks that would still be great if they didn't have the shimmer. I would buy 1000 bottles of shimmer-free Diamine Garland and drink them all - it's teal-ish green with ridiculous bright red (bordering on hot pink) sheen, which is already crazy before you add the blue shimmer it has.

Colorverse released a special edition year of the dragon ink recently. It's blue with red sheen and comes with 3 different shimmer color options in addition to a shimmer-free one. Different shimmers for permanent inks would be an unrealistic ask, but it would be nice to see more shimmer-free analogues. I have no idea how scalable that would be, but... that's not my job!


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