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Spring planting

After several weeks of weird on and off snow, I think it's finally starting to look spring-ish in Colorado! (I say until the inevitable March snowstorm happens)

I've begun to wake my plants up for spring, so they're slowly getting juiced up with fertilizer again. I moved two of my begonias (the angel wing, referred to as Judas Priest, and the black mamba, referred to as Limp Bizkit) into bigger pots because Judas Priest was choking itself to death and Limp Bizkit has gotten big enough to tip itself over if even breathed on the wrong way. Which I have done.

What I refer to when I say "choking":

[Image: A photo of the begonia's roots engulfing the dirt it was sitting in]

I probably should have done this a lot sooner (the roots were only starting to come out of the bottom of the pot) but I tried to convince myself it could wait. I'm hoping it does better now that its roots actually have somewhere to go, but if not we'll just have to chop it up and start again.

As for Limp Bizkit, I gave it a haircut to try to correct its severely lopsided looks (and get rid of a bunch of dead or crispy-looking leaves that were overstaying their welcome). I stuck one of the healthy cuttings in water to see if it'll root. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it if it does.

Anyway! Now they're looking very handsome in their new homes! I'm amazed that I've had these guys for a year now.

[Image: The begonias hanging out in their new 4 inch pots]

Speaking of chopping plants up, my basil plant was not in a good place (what is up with basil, really) and was turning brown from the bottom up. One does not have to be a horticulturist or botanist to realize that this isn't supposed to happen. The tops still looked fine, so I made a few cuttings to stick in water along with the begonia. I'm not so attached to it that I'll be devastated if none of them are successful, but I thought I was doing an okay job with the basil, so reviving it will prevent the bruising of my ego.


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